The French association called Archives et Documentation Françoise Dolto was founded in 1990 by Dolto’s heirs and close collaborators.

Her daughter and legal executor, Dr. Catherine Dolto, chairs the association with the help of a scholarly board of ten founding members.

Run by Colette Percheminier, the non-profit organization is located on Rue Cujas in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, where Françoise Dolto gave her first seminar on children’s drawings.


“The prime role of the Dolto Archives Association is to make the work and writings of Françoise Dolto better known, and to establish links between people all over the world who share a philosophy similar to hers,” asserted Colette Percheminier at the close of the first Dolto Conference organized by UNESCO in Paris in January 1999.

To this end, the Dolto Archives Association strives :
To preserve the heritage represented by the archives left by Françoise Dolto, which include original drafts, revised manuscripts, notes, letters, and audio and video recordings. (Not included are patients’ files, which Dolto carefully destroyed prior to her death.)
The archives also contains books, theses, and numerous articles by and about Dolto, as well as personal items from her office, photographs, watercolors painted in her youth, and foreign editions of her books;

To make these materials available to scholars, health professionals, students, and interested individuals;

To encourage and support contact and exchange among all those people interested in Françoise Dolto’s work;

To enhance the archive’s collection by acquiring new documents such as unpublished texts and lectures, letters, photos, audio and video cassettes, and all publications and material related to her work and life;

To defend and protect Françoise Dolto’s written oeuvre, as well as related photographic or filmed material;

To list, file, and catalogue the archive’s collection in such a way as to make it accessible to the public;

To support the publication of unpublished texts, of new editions, and of translations under the aegis of the Archive’s scholarly board.

To open the headquarters (21 Rue Cujas, Paris 75005, France) to individuals wishing to study Dolto’s work there;.

To provide information by telephone
([33–1], fax (,
e-mail ( or correspondence;

To send documentation through the mail (on payment of postage costs);

To gather all articles and documents relating to Françoise Dolto or to the many places named after her (child-care centers, kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, public parks, game centers, streets, etc.);

To organize and co-ordinate conferences, working groups, lecture-discussions, exhibitions, and video screenings on Dolto’s work;

To publish an Association newsletter;

To maintain an interactive website.


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